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Documentation required to initiate the business relationship

Step 1

    1. Acceptance of offer – Once the customer has accepted the seller’s offer and has given YES.
    2. Sending of client form, confidentiality agreement and attached contract filled out and signed.
    3. Chamber of Commerce, Rut and ID of the legal representative (All the corresponding documents are sent to the client).


Step 2

  1. Receive the documents previously sent to the client, signed and completely filled out.
  2. Send the documentation to CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT + Notify the creation of the new customer in the system.
  3. Request invoicing for Wolkvox products that the customer purchased (attach any concerns if required).
  4. Wait for administrative process.

Step 3

  1. Notify payment to CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT
  2. Validate the payment and proceed with the activation of the customer’s account in the system.
  3. Notify the customer that the process has been successful and welcome them to the Wolkvox family.

Email Example

Best regards



We feel fortunate to be your strategic allies to initiate the commercial relationship that I share with you:


Commercial offer




Necessary documentation to start the commercial relationship


1.Acceptance of offer

2.Sending the completed and signed customer form, confidentiality agreement and attached contract.

3.Chamber of Commerce, DNI and DNI of the legal representative.


We share our documentation

1.NIF Chamber of Commerce

3.DNI of the legal representative

4.Bank account certificate


Once the documentation is received, we generate the invoice for the concept of installation or unique value of the service. Once the payment is received, the implementation process begins with the uploading of the invoice and the start-up summons.

in this link you will find all the relevant documents to execute the commercial relationship with the client (documents link)




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